Show Class, Have Pride, And Display Character. If You Do, Winning Takes Care Of Itself.

If you wish to join Natural Disaster there is many steps in getting an inv and being accepted as a valid clan member. We do not let anyone join or the guy with the best stats or reputation. We let winners join, people with real skill and nice personality. At Natural Disaster our clan members have formed great teamwork and friendships. So you have to be able to fit into our style of play and our tight bond. If you feel you match the requirements below you can ask for a trial to see if you are of the quality we look for by contacting our leaders our by e-mail from our contact page.

Requirements & Rules-

1. No quitting, quitting results in kicked from clan or your trial being ended with immediate effect. No excuses.

2. Headset. Not essential but desired. A headset creates great teamwork and lets you get to know your team members better.

3. No use of noob tactics, noob weapons, camping etc. This will result in a warning. If continued then you get kicked. No questions asked. ( I do not need to explain noob weapons, if you do not understand and realise what the noob weapons are on any game then do not bother applying for a trial)

4. One account permitted into clan. No exceptions.

5. No smack talk. Its petty and gives us a bad reputation. Will result in a warning and if continued then kicked from the clan. Again, no questions asked.

6. No clan hoppers, if you are known to us as a clan hopper don't bother asking to join, we look for loyal long-lasting members only.

7. Must be active. We pride ourselves on being active at least 2-3 a week. So if does not suit you then you should try join a part-time clan.

8. Must keep up with our game trends. As we are a competitve clan we play many games. It is desired that you try to play with us on numerous games. We generally don't inv one game wonders. Our players are skilled at many games.

*(note) depending on the game there are more rules to be followed but this is a general guideline, if you feel you can offer us something feel free to ask for a trial.

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