If Winning Isn't Everything, Why Do They Keep Score?

If you have any questions or wish to join oNO contact a senior member of oNO or e-mail us.

E-mail: naturaldisaster@live.ie


Sir_Killsalot (Original Leader)

CAPTINCAPEMALL (Original Co-Leader)

Brigada91 (Resistance: Fall Of Man Leader)

For_Sure_ (Also Known As Pro_Sniper_ Co-Leader on nearly all games)

MickCullen (Also Known As ICE_CoLd-_x oNO Officer)

If you wish to join oNO on Resistance: Fall Of Man contact Brigada91.

If you wish to join oNO on any of the Call Of Duty titles contact
 For_Sure_ or MickCullen for European oNO. Or Osama-Bin-Aldi for American oNO.

Please when contacting members of oNO about joining do not bombard them with messages. Send one message about your interest of joining stating your kd ratio, win loss ratio, your key game types and your strengths. Then send a psn friend request and your trial at oNO begins.

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